We call ourselves Out Of The Box Teater because

our artistic dreams and visions does not fit into little boxes

"Once there were thirty years of Indian techniques, there was Denmark and a Konnnakol professional, there was Italy and a Bharatanatyam dancer, and there were two like us who still didn't know they were looking for each other. ..

It was the age of maturity that brought together the geographies, the rhythm, the vocation.

In 2021 we discovered OUT OF THE BOX THEATER. Between Copenhagen and Bergamo.

Nomads and multi-instrumentalists. Where by instrument we also mean the voice. Our shows are translated into Italian, English and Danish and sometimes speak the language invented by the gods.

We feel like old troublemakers, those who bring the people to justice, blessed by Mother West and Father East.

We want to draw attention to the universality of dance and music, we want to build a bridge between worlds that still see each other as factions, we are against any type of artistic racism...

That's why we don't pretend to be anything other than ourselves. Our experiences become pure dramaturgy and gesture. Keys and fifth chords. Dance does not serve music and vice versa. The theater is not a container. OUT OF THE BOX THEATER is a dreamlike and playful vision of a synesthetic nature.

Since 2021 we have dedicated ourselves to training. Seeking to spread a love of tradition and the audacity to pierce it where necessary... as long as it is done with the grace of a storyteller serving his king and queen..."

CV Henrik Andersen

CV Simoina Zanini