"In the beginning there was only the empty space, just like a blank canvas, who can explain that? The silence and suddenly the music..."

This is how the performance opens and reflects on the meaning of art and artistic life. The Danish musician Henrik Andersens in between autobiography and allegorical narration brings the love relationship to the stage most tortuous and irresistible: the relationship with one's vocation. Henrik, omniscient narrator and refined storyteller, evokes the appearance of one's own visions. Until talking with the last of the transfigured characters to ask her "What is art?"

Artistic idea: Out of The Box Teater
On stage: Henrik Andersen & Simona Zanini
Instruction: Solveig Weinkouff
Manuscript: Henrik Andersen
Music composed and performed by Henrik Andersen

Choreography: Simona Zanini
Costumes: Micaela Leonardi con Balaustio
Light design: Sebastian Just
Scenography: Simona Zanini
Photos and graphics : La Cameranera
Trailer: MadagascArt Prod
Produced by: Out Of The Box Teater



DURATION:  60 minutes 

Technical requirements:

Darkening 230 V current

Stage area: Width 7 metres

Stage area: Depth 6 metres

Stage area: Height 3 metres

Trailer by MadagascArt Prod.

Technic & artistic RIDER


"It can be strongly recommended. I saw them this evening.

Its brave, touching, funny, thought provoking and important. Extra ordinary high level"

Boe Larsen Millhouse studio

"THEATER: We got the story of a musician's transformation from beginner to master, and along the way the audience also got an inspiring introduction to the diversity of music and how we can always discover new layers within it. It was both dance and music at a high technical level. The performance is directed by Solveig Weinkouff and can soon be experienced on tour" - #amusicaljourney Søren Kristoffer Kløft

"Haven't experienced anything like this since Peter Bastian"